The origins of Husky Dreams

Husky Dreams was born about 4 years ago and has grown slowly ever since. Like many things in life, coincidences and some strokes of fate were necessary to shape the new way of life with Husky Dreams.

Per studied to become wilderness guide in Kiruna. He started to develop plans how to live a lifestyle with nature. First, he started to rent a tipi at Airbnb and cooked outside for our guests. It slowly became very popular and that’s when he started to expand his plans.

From the time Per started he had three polar dogs, a snowmobile and a tipi. By autumn 2018 the pack had grown to eight sled dogs, two snowmobiles, two dog sleds, a tepee tent and a caravan. The business grew slowly and the money he earned was invested in his dream. In the spring of 2019, the pack counted 14 pulling dogs and a sledge stable, so the house and land where Per started his business became too small.

With much luck and support from his parents, he bought a new house outside of Kiruna, in Krokvik. A big old cottage house from 1910 with a big yard, ideal for many working dogs.

Today Per is proud to have 28 hardworking adult dogs, a large fleet of dog sleds, and a house dog named Quannik who rules them all!

About Per and Ivar


Per has been attracted to nature since he was a little boy. One of Per's first memories is that he caught his first fish at the age of three. During his teenage years Per unfortunately lost contact with Mother Nature and studied social welfare after high school. After his studies he moved to Uppsala and finally got a job as manager for several youth care homes. At the age of 26, Per and his friends decided to climb Kebnekaise, Sweden's highest mountain - a great journey and the beginning of Per's reconnection with nature. After 10 years of working with people, holidays in the north, hiking, rafting and fishing, Per decided to make a fresh start. He sold the apartment and left his job to attend a nature guide school in Kiruna. In his first year, Per decided to use his will and energy to lead a sustainable life with nature.

Per first purchased a snowmobile, a childhood dream that came true at the age of 33. He drove the snowmobile in the first year in Kiruna to every free minute. Then Per found an advertisement for Alaskan Malamute puppies. He could not resist the sweet puppies and tried to choose between two dogs - but finally went home with two puppies. But the two Malamutes he had added to his family simply didn't want to drag him on skis. So Per decided to buy a Siberian Husky named Lucky. He pulled well, but Per thought the speed was a little too low, so he started looking for more dogs. During a visit to a great musher in Taisto he acquired two older sled dogs, Alaskan Huskies. Four dogs turned into ten when Per fell in love with dog sledding.

As a person, Per is a tester of boundaries, a little introverted and has a high belief in his abilities. It follows that Per is often successful with the things he brings his mind and spirit into. In the north, Per loves dog sledding, aurora hunting, northern light photography, snowmobiling, ice fishing, fishing, pack rafting, rafting and many extended hikes. He is also in preparation for participation in longer dog sled races.


Ivar is a straightforward, fearless little boy. Super cute, but with an evil bite. Ivar was a dog sled before his birth and was on his first mountain tour at the age of 5 months. Having grown up with many dogs and puppies, Ivar sometimes thinks that he is a dog himself!