Tipi Night Experience

A heated tipi tent in a remote and truly private location, about 5km from the lodge house, right next to a frozen river. Perfect for a night under the dancing northern lights and starry sky. All the necessary things are provided to keep you warm.

First we will light the fire together and show how to best use the small oven in the tipi and the sleeping bags. We will talk about life in the north, about the northern lights and the animal life in the area. After the delicious homemade breakfast the next day at the Lodge House we offer you a warming sauna to relax.

The experience includes transfer by snowmobile, dinner prepared on the campfire at the tipi and breakfast at the lodge in the morning.

Please note that despite the oven and sleeping bags with a comfort temperature of -30 degrees, the Tipi Night remains an adventure experience. Think about warm clothes, especially good baselayers (for example made of Merino wool). (2,890 kr per person)

(If you book another accommodation, you can add the Tipi Night as an addon after clicking Next in the booking process of the original accommodation.)

Mountain Tours

When the snow slowly begins to melt, there is still enough snow at higher altitudes to make tours with the dogs. Typical starting points are Abisko and Nikkaluokta, to which we set off by car. Afterwards we spend three to four days (depending on the weather conditions) with the dogs in the mountains far away from civilization. Every day we will cover between 30 and 50 kilometers with the dogs.

Write us if you are interested.

Special Offer

If you would like to experience several adventures with us, take a look at our special offers. Depending on the scope of the tours and the number of people we offer up to 20% discount! You can find the offers here.

Huskyfarm Visit

Meet our dogs, play with them and learn more about their breed and our everyday life. Please support us in our daily care to get even closer in contact with the dogs - they appreciate it! For refreshment there is Fika (Swedish tradition) with small pastries and fresh coffee.

Camping Site

Did you know that in Sweden, it's Everyman's Right? This means that you can spend your night outdoors with few restrictions. If you would like to use a shower or sauna in between, you are always welcome with your tent, caravan or camper van! You are also welcome to use our fully equipped kitchen if you want to do more than just make pasta. ;-)

Packrafting and Fishing Adventures

From the middle of July we venture out for two days on the surrounding lakes. There we enjoy the secluded location and the resulting silence. What could be more suitable than to use this opportunity for fishing? Everyone gets his own packraft and fishing equipment and food for two days is guaranteed. We spend the night in a tent.

Fishing Trip

Whether you are a beginner or a passionate angler, we will go to the best trout fishing spots together. We will gladly provide you with the necessary equipment (included in the price).